Enhance Your Slaying Experience With Zombie Army 4’s New-Gen Upgrades!

6th April 2021

06th April 2021

We’re delighted to be able to announce that Zombie Army 4 is getting New-Gen upgrades on both PlayStation and Xbox hardware! Starting Tuesday, players can enjoy faster frame rates, higher resolutions and reduced loading time on the platform of their choice! In addition, Zombie Army 4 is on PlayStation Plus for the month of April, and will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in the near future, so there really has never been a better time to play with friends!

Here are the lists of upgrades for each platform, alongside the dates they will be going live;

PlayStation (6th April):

• 4K* @ 60Hz only

• Reduced loading times

*DRS enabled - The resolution of the image can drop below the target to ensure a smooth FPS.

Xbox (8th April): 

Series S

• 1080p* @ 60Hz only

• Reduced loading times

Series X

• Includes quality/performance toggle with the following settings

o Quality – 4k* @ 60Hz

o Performance – 1080p @ 120Hz**

• Reduced loading times

*DRS enabled - The resolution of the image can drop below the target to ensure a smooth FPS. 

**Requires a 120Hz display with HDMI 2.1 support.

In addition, this week’s patches come with the following fixes and improvements;

- Balance changes have been applied to mission, Death Canal 

- Cross-platform multiplayer added for Windows 10 Store with Steam and Epic

- New music, combat pieces and general gameplay pieces added across all platforms

- Fixes applied to Damnation Valley to address issues raised with The Fan Service Challenge and with characters getting stuck in the Scaffolding Area 

- In chapter 4 of Deeper than Hell, ‘Stop Schweiger Completing The Occult Engine’ objective will now update after killing all the zombies present in the area

- In chapter 4 of Alpine Blitz, players can no longer get stuck inside carriages

- On Xbox, cut scene audio issues fixed in Deeper than Hell 

- General bug fixing and improvements

And yes, these upgrades are free of charge! 4K? More like 4SLAY! Happy hunting, slayers!

- The Team At Rebellion 

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