*Included in the season 3 season pass.
Content also available to buy separately.

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4th May 2021

Undercover Marie Outfit
Zombie Headgear Pack
Mission - Terminal Error
M1934 Pistol Bundle
Elemental Weapon Skins
Zombie Charm Pack

22nd June 2021

Mission - Abaddon Asylum
MP.1940 SMG Bundle
Zombie Tank Weapon Skins
WWI Josiah Outfit
WWII Headgear Pack

3rd August 2021

Horror Charm Pack 2
Horror Headgear Pack
Mission - Return to Hell
Van Helsing Weapon Skins
Flare Gun Weapon Bundle

28th September 2021

Desert Rat Shola Outfit
Hermann Wolff Werner Outfit
MAB 38 SMG Bundle
Zombie Wrapped Weapon Skins
Story Charm Pack

Pack 5

Character Skin
  • Headgear Pack
  • Weapon Skins
  • Weapon Bundle
  • Charm Pack

* DLC and game updates may be subject to delays due to the current covid-19 pandemic.
Current timeframes are estimates only.

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