Zombie Army 4 Development Update Confirms Seasons 2 and 3!

1st September 2020

01st September 2020

The Hell Cult may have been vanquished – but the dead never rest! 

We’re thrilled to be able to confirm that two more seasons of new content for Zombie Army 4: Dead War are in production! Developed in collaboration with Flix Interactive, Season 2 is kicking off later this year on all platforms! Season 3 will arrive in 2021, and both seasons are set to feature new campaign missions, new character outfits, weapons any more – including more free content!

The development update above also teased a sneak peek of what’s to come in Zombie Army 4’s second season – we’ll be revealing more details on the new seasons in the coming months!

Since Zombie Army 4’s release, you’ve managed to take down over 2 BILLION undead Nazis – including over 50 million Hitler clones in the main campaign’s epic finale (spoilers!) We can’t wait until you see the horrors Season 2 has in store for you…

Until next time, slayers.

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