Zombie Army 4 - June Update (Part I)

6th June 2022

06th June 2022


A huge thank you to the slaying Community for your continued support following the release of the brand new Ragnarök campaign. We’re also delighted to see so many of you revel in the delight of butchering Zombies on the move since Zombie Army 4: Dead War landed on Switch. 

We’ve just rolled out a patch for our Switch cohort, which addresses priority bugs and Community feedback, including the calls for more readable text in-game: 

Switch Update:

  • Fix for progression blocker in Chapter 3 of Hell Base when in Nightmare mode
  • Increased size of in-game tutorial boxes to improve readability
  • Potential fix for a rare crash that can occur when a cutscene of a blood seal breaking is shown
  • Fix for unsupported characters displayed when in Chinese (Simplified)
  • Fix for progression blocker when activating the Z5 core in multiplayer in Death Collector
  • Fix for medals not being awarded correctly in Horde mode
  • Updated bronze medal requirement for The Bitter End
  • Fix for incorrect translation used for the platinum skin when in Russian

Stay tuned for further updates for our other platforms in the coming weeks!

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