Zombie Army 4 - February Update

22nd February 2022

22nd February 2022

Attention Slayers,

We know that you have all been busy sending the undead back to where they came from. It’s encouraging to know that The Resistance comprises of some of the very best zombie obliterators in the business. 

The Zombie Army team is delighted to see that the Community have been sinking their teeth into the Free Season One content, it’ll all be good practice for what’s to come…

For now, check out our latest fixes below which are applicable to all platforms and as usual, thank you to the entire slaying Community for your ongoing support and patience.

All Platforms:

  • Fixed an issue where players were being blocked from progressing by ‘Invisible Zombies’ which restricted movement.
  • Zombies will no longer stay standing after dying.
  • GUI - When muting a player in a multiplayer lobby, the player talking no longer overlaps the muted icon on the top right.
  • When in lobby, Report and Block no longer become available on the local player's card, when they open and close another player's card from the friends overlay.
  • Horde - Using the Shotgun Pistol "Brain Buster" in horde level will now kill zombies.
  • The Elite Flamer explosion VFX is now present when blowing up the fuel tank.
  • Single Player - The player is no longer able to set up a Nightmare enemy setup Horde game.
  • Single player - Nick and Rochelle no longer have each other’s character ability's
  • Fixed an occasional long standing crash that happens when using electrical weapons and grenades.
  • Zombies now spin around NPCs when attempting to attack them.
  • 2 Player – Mission 2: Venice - Chapter 3 - Parts of the Shadow Demon face no longer appear invisible during its cut scene.
  • Single Player - Chapter 3 - Nightmare - The player is now able to enter the Zeppelin after clearing the horde.
  • Mission 8: Hell Base - Nightmare - Chapter 2 - Factory Floor - Player Character is now able to progress further after killing all zombies in the area during the 'Kill the zombies to break the blood seal' objective.
  • General bug fixes

Happy slaying!

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