Zombie Army 4: Dead War | Switch Pre-Orders now live!

3rd March 2022

03rd March 2022

The time has come...to take apocalyptic mayhem on the move! 

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Switch pre-orders are now LIVE! Bringing the same insane levels of mayhem, gore and carnage you would expect from the bone-chilling series to the Nintendo Switch with zero compromises.

Pre-Order Now: 

UK: Click Here
US: Click Here
DE: Click Here
CA (EN): Click Here
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BR (PT): Click Here

Key Features

Set to launch on April 26th, Zombie Army 4 on Nintendo Switch supports two to four players in both local wireless and online modes, will include enhanced controls, allowing players to use the gyroscope to fine tune their aim, and Steam Cross Save* which allows you to take your Steam saves onto your Nintendo Switch to continue the fight on the move. The title will also dynamically change resolution to ensure a smooth 30fps experience, running up to 1080p when docked and 720p when undocked.

Watch the carnage unfold in the latest Features Trailer by clicking here.

Free SEASON ONE Content

Complete with support for the Pro Controller the Nintendo Switch version also includes all of the additional content from Season Pass One and every post-release Horde Map on the game card. Season Pass One gives players three additional levels, four character packs, nine weapon bundles, five weapon skin packs and four character outfit bundles

Season Pass Two and Season Pass Three will be available to purchase at launch, giving players a huge amount of additional content. Complete with an in-game Achievements system, players who complete the base game’s storyline will unlock Zombie Army's famous Nightmare Mode to increase the challenge even further.

With more content on the horizon, we encourage all our slayers to keep up to date with all the latest news from the undead by following the game on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or by joining fellow survivors in the official Rebellion Discord Channel. Don't forget tag us in your latest undead captures using the hashtag #ZA4Screamshot for your chance to feature in our weekly Community spotlight!

*Please note that Steam Cross Save only allows players to import a save game from their Steam account to Nintendo Switch, it does not support transfer from Switch to Steam. There is no mid-level progression and cross-platform purchasing is not supported.

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