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20th October 2020

Mission - Damnation Valley
Horde Map - Platform
Zombie Gentleman Dress
Halloween Headgear
Halloween Charm Pack
Occult Ritual Weapon Skins
Lee Enfield Rifle Bundle

8th December 2020

Mission - Alpine Blitz
SVT-38 Rifle Bundle
Sten MK2 SMG Bundle
Berserker Boris Outfit
Holiday Season Headgear Bundle
Holiday Season Charm Pack
Holiday Weapon Skins

19th January 2021

Night Ops Jun Outfit
Buckets Headgear Pack
Toxic Hazard Weapon Skins
Horror Charm Pack
Mission - Dead Zeppelin
7.65mm Polizeipistole Pistol Bundle
Nagant M1895 Pistol Bundle
Black Ice Weapon Skins

11th February 2021

Horde Map - Graveyard Shift
Grease Gun SMG Bundle
Armoured Giant Weapon Skins
Sports Charm Pack
Classic Sports Headgear
Armour Plated Shola Outfit
Afrika Karl Outfit
M1903 Springfield Rifle Bundle
Bomb Lance Shotgun Bundle
Desert Damaged Weapon Skins

* DLC and game updates may be subject to delays due to the current covid-19 pandemic.
Current timeframes are estimates only.

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